October 8, 2019

Dear Members of the Authority:

Welcome Waste Management, Inc.

The Authority is pleased to welcome back Waste Management, Inc. to our agenda this month. The Authority last worked with Waste Management in 2007 and have remained the leading comprehensive waste management environmental service in North America. The company has been a long time borrower of the Authority and its predecessors and we graciously welcome them back to our agenda.

Welcome American Water Capital Corporation

The Authority is also delighted to welcome back American Water Capital Corp. to our agenda this month. The Authority last issued bonds on behalf of American Water Capital Corp. in May of 2010. Over the years since, the Authority have continued to be impressed with the work they have done across the state. In conjunction with Illinois American Water Company, Inc., American Water Capital Corp. stands as the largest and most geographically diverse publically-traded water and wastewater utility company in the U.S. We are excited to present this refinancing for consideration by the Members.

Diverse Agenda

Staff is also proud to present for consideration additional bond resolutions for qualified borrowers seeking to benefit from the tax-exempt financing market and the Authority’s continual excellent customer service, including Columbia College Chicago, Township High School District Number 207, and Dane J. and Jennifer L. Milleville as beginning farmers.

Thank You for Your Service, Ryan Oechsler

The Authority is grateful for the contributions of Ryan Oechsler. Ryan will be departing for the private sector after two years of service with the Authority. His contribution has been priceless and he will be missed.

As always, I look forward to continuing to work with you in support of jobs and financing capital expansion projects throughout our state.


Christopher B. Meister
Executive Director